842 RiffTraK

Blocker, Skating Official
Additional Roles
Co-Head of Marketing
Current Team
Officials, TCRD, Terrordactyls

RiffTraK started their derby career as a skating official for North Star Roller Derby in January 2018. They joined the TCRD skating officials in fall of 2018 and transitioned to a skater for the TCRD home team and Terrodactyls in early 2019. After the 2018-2019 home season, Riff decided to retire as NSRD official in order to skate exclusively with TCRD, though they do still help officiate for Terrors bouts.


I joined TCRD as a skater completely by accident. I started as just a little refling, but in going to practices I completely fell in love with the league and its members and actually playing roller derby.

I am an extroverted introvert, which means I may be the life of the party or I may just sit in a corner quietly listening to everyone else talk. Derby really brings out my extrovert though, and I tend to compete with Derbie Monster and E.Nigma for who can be the most sassy and obnoxious person present.

I work with dogs all day, but that still doesn’t stop me from saying “PUPPY!!” and pointing excitedly at a dog on a balcony of the building all the way on the other side of the huge parking lot of my apartment complex.

Athletic history

Swimming, yoga, a couple years adult beginning ballet

Photo credit: Josh Evans, smalls

TCRD Home Team

2018-2019 Home SeasonTCRD