Murder Strut

Current Team

Murder Strut is a non-skating official for both TCRD and North Star Roller Derby.


I love a good story and good storytelling…books, movies, tv. Which is why episode 1-3, are not Star Wars movies because they didn’t uphold the storytelling of the original trilogy. I’ve seen every Bond movie ever.

Murder Strut is the name my bestie gave to the change in my posture and walk when I reach “I’m going to end you” level pissed off.

I did ballroom dancing in college and would like to do a competition one day.

My metabolism for certain things is weirdly high…upside is I’ve never been hungover, downside I need double novocaine at the dentist.

Athletic history

Swim team in jr high and high school, weight lifting for 20 years

Photo credit: Timothy Knox (Knoxious Photos)