003 Force Vector

Twin Cities Terrors
On my feet
Additional Roles
Terrors Co-Captain, Trainer, Motivator
Current Team
TC Terrors, TCRD
Past Teams
Sioux City Kornstalkers, Thunderjacks


Derby nicknames: Force Vector, Vector Farce, Vecky, Line Guy, Horse Vector, Becky

Fun fact! I can touch my nose with my tongue. Bring frozen peas to an afterparty and I’ll show you a trick!

I like when E makes holes or stays sturdy like a mountain.

Athletic history

8 years spelunking, 3 years combat locksmithing, 1st place 100yd backwards potato sack relay at county fair, 1st place nerd in your heart

TCRD Home Team

2018-2019 Home SeasonTCRD

TC Terrors

2018-2019 Home SeasonTC Terrors