2 eNigma

Taking up space in the middle bit. Making holes for Vecky.
Additional Roles
Board of Directors, Raptor Trainer
Current Team
TC Terrors, TCRD
Past Teams


Raised by polar bears in the Alaskan Tundra. E Nigma is a mystery.

I learned skatey things. Then I wore buffalo check for a while. I have been a Pink Roller Dino for a long bit of time. I have been standing in front of hammers for a while now with the Terrors. I coach a bit sometimes too.

I am on the Board of Directors. I train the Raptor program folks with a stern and gruffly demeanor.

Roller Derby = Fun. Remember it.

Athletic history

I was on wrestling teams for for over 10 years. Played football and baseball as well. Studied a few different martial arts for 15 years or so.

TCRD Home Team

2018-2019 Home SeasonTCRD

TC Terrors

2018-2019 Home SeasonTC Terrors