00 Derbie Monster

Twin Cities Terrors
Jammer, Pivot
Additional Roles
Comp Chair, Trainer, Raptor Trainer
Current Team
TC Terrors, TCRD
Past Teams
Destruction Workers, Gentleman’s Club

Derbie Monster has been skating with TCRD since 2011.


Derbie Monster comes from when I used to have blue hair. “D is for derbie and Derby is for me”. I’m an avid board, video and computer gamer. I love to read and watch movies and stream TV shows. I hate watching the news and think that V for Vendetta is closer than we think it is. My first exposure to roller derby was WFTDA championships in Chicago in 2010. I want to get into cosplay and have designs for builds I want to do.

I love animals, all of them, I want to hug them. Even that hissing possum, doesn’t mean I will though. But I want to.

Athletic history

8 years of derby and counting, 3 years of ice figure skating, 20 years of ice hockey, 2 years roller hockey, 5 years baseball, 5 years softball, 1 year rugby, 1 year lacrosse, 17 years disc golf, 3 years soccer, 1 year cross country running, 5 years football, there was a lot of overlap on these. I think that’s all.

TCRD Home Team

2018-2019 Home SeasonTCRD

TC Terrors

2018-2019 Home SeasonTC Terrors