Bex Machina

Skating Official
Additional Roles
Head of Officiating, Terrors Bench Staff
Current Team
Officials, Terrordactyls
Past Teams
North Star Roller Derby Banger Sisters, North Star Roller Derby Officials

Bex Machina started her derby career in 2015 as an official for both TCRD and North Star Roller Derby. She is currently head of officiating for TCRD and skates with the Terrordactyls. She also skates for North Star Roller Derby’s home team the Banger Sisters.


My derby name occurred to me at random while I was watching my very first derby bout, which was an MMRD mixer/fun bout back in 2013. My friend and future Banger teammate took me, and there must have been a Smashing Pumpkins song playing, because suddenly I was thinking of their album, Machina, and I realized that my long-time nickname would make a nice play on the old Latin phrase/literary device, “deus ex machina.” I remember thinking “oh, haha, I’d never be able to play derby, but if somehow I did….”. After that story, it probably surprises no one that I have degrees in history and law, and I love immersing myself in historical study in my free time. I’m also known as the Mother of Panthers, as I have 4 black rescue cats (and two incorrigible pups) at home.

Athletic history

Uhhh, marching band 😂