Groundhog Slay

Another amazing poster by Logan “Live Bait” Plonksi

Our February 2nd bout is shaping up to be a great show of derby prowess, halftime fun, and (if the forecast holds) above-freezing temperatures!

We’re thinking of opening the bay door and handing out popsicles to help everyone deal with the coming heat wave. 😉

See you February 2nd!!

February 2 bout theme set!

We were a bit stuck until we realized … Feb 2 is Groundhog Day! Our crack team of designers went to work:

Groundhog Slay
Baron Von Groundhog

… not to worry, rumor has it there’s an actual nice poster in the works by the inimitable Logan “Live Bait” Plonski, so watch this space for something that won’t make your eyes bleed!

MMRD is now Twin Cities Roller Derby

The “Men’s” in “Minnesota Men’s Roller Derby” is inherently exclusive, in spite of our own internal policy that allows anyone to join our league. No matter the angle at which the problem is approached, retaining gender-specific pronouns in a league name is detrimental to an all-gender league such as ours. We don’t want any of our league members to look at their own league’s name and feel like they don’t belong. We don’t want any prospective league members to look at our league’s name and feel excluded.

If you want to wear skates on your feet, play some roller derby, and be respectful of your new friends, we’re your spot.