About TCRD

Twin Cities Roller Derby is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit run by players, for players.

Our mission is to provide a safe, fun, and competitive environment for skaters of all genders to learn and play roller derby. Everyone 18 and older is welcome. We are a Men’s Roller Derby Association member league, and compete in MRDA as the Twin Cities Terrors.


Founded in 2007 as the Twin Cities Terrors, and piggybacking on the success and popularity of sibling leagues Minnesota RollerGirls and North Star Roller Derby, the Terrors started as one of the largest and most competitive male derby organizations in the United States.

TC Terrors became Minnesota Men’s Roller Derby in 2009, and on January 30, 2010 MMRD made history by hosting their first home season at the birthplace of Minnesota Roller Derby: Cheapskate Roller Center in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.

In November 2010 MMRD became a member league of the Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA, known at the time as Men’s Derby Coalition).

In 2012, the Fresh Meat Locker (FML) was created to help usher in new skaters, helping transition people from putting on their first set of quad skates to true, battle-ready derby superstars.

Fresh Meat Locker was renamed “Raptors” in early 2018, and to usher in 2019 the league rebranded as “Twin Cities Roller Derby” and formalized their all-genders-skate-here policy.

Each year the league hosts a home season, a series of bouts designed for the local audience.  In the TCRD off-season, the All Star team known as the Twin Cities Terrors (or TC Terrors) hosts and travels to other MRDA leagues to compete for national standing.

Twin Cities Roller Derby is proud to be part of the vibrant regional derby scene and looking forward to another 10+ years of hard-hitting fun!

Board of Directors

The TCRD board of directors is made up of three active league members. The board is responsible for setting the vision and tone of the league, organizing and empowering various committees, and all day-to-day operations.

Current members are:

  • York (through Aug 2019)
  • E.Nigma (through Aug 2019)
  • Shane MacPowan (through Aug 2020)

Contact the Board here.