Mar 16: Skate Patrick’s Day triple-header

A whirling maelstrom of roller derby action

Three times the hits! Three times the leaps! Three times the roller derby action!

Your Twin Cities Terrors start their season with a 3-state triple header against the St….

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Twin Cities Roller Derby
Twin Cities Roller Derby2 days ago
Moar derby! Thanks to the efforts of our favorite Smalls we can now provide you with links to the next two bouts from last weekend's round robin fun. First up is Wisconsin Men's Roller Derby v the St. Louis B-Keepers:

and the finale, St. Louis B-Keepers v Twin Cities Terrors:

Enjoy! Big thanks to both teams for such a great set of games!
Twin Cities Roller Derby
Wisconsin Men's Roller Derby vs Saint Louis B-Keepers: Skate Patrick's Day 2019
Second of three bouts for the inaugural Skate Patrick's Day brought to you by the Twin Cities Terrors. This bout features the Wisconsin Men's Roller Derby tr...


4 days ago
What a weekend! Great vibes, fast skatin', good pals, oh, and here's the a video of the first bout of Skate Patrick's day! It's us and Wisconsin Mens Roller Derby aka our pals from our pal state

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